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Medien Manufaktur


Our style is to create publicity for you, not for ourselves. To this end, we concentrate on the essentials.

Medien Manufaktur is a full service film production company based in Munich.

While Medien Manufaktur itself only came into being in 2004, don’t be fooled by its youthful appearance. Our film production company brings over 20 years of international film-making to the table, via both of our CEOs, as well as our valued employees and collaborators.

We are producing commercials, imagefilms, corporate films, product videos and viral videos.

Our long-term clients keep coming back to us, so we must be doing something right. We like to believe that the key to our success is that we always strive to understand our clients. We work carefully and are reliable, even when things have to move fast.

We are always up for a new challenge. There are a few areas, however, where we can point to considerable experience: We really know how to make automotive films for the motor industry, that is, marketing videos about cars and automotive engineering, to suit all the client’s requirements.

We are also very experienced at providing all visual content at events: video, motion design and 3D animation. Providing you with the whole package, from one source.

Documenting events for social media, working within a 24-hour time frame to get the final event documentary online.

But why read about our films when you can watch them right now?


Martin Kriegler (CEO) & Ariane Hess (CEO)

Titi Haryati

Web Designer

Cucu Maricu

Web Developer




What we do

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Award winning showroom film and TVC featuring an insane attempt at human flight.
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Teaming up Volvo’s new tipper truck, VFX and cute babys for a successful viral
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Emotional campaign kick-off for Fashion brand CG – Club of Gents
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A tasty TV ad introducing EatWith.com to the German audience.
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Is this real – or not? Blurring the boundaries between virtual reality and real action.
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Social media campaign with individual videos in answer to user questions.
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Movie ad for Harman Kardon’s seamless & wireless hifi products.
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Award winning imagefilm featuring the products and philosophy of Webasto.

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Our Office

Based in Munich, Germany, our film production company established a network of long term international partners for worldwide film productions.


Medien Manufaktur GmbH
Kobellstr. 2a
D-80336 München
Phone: +49-(0)89-59988900
Email: kontakt@medien-manufaktur.de

Vertretungsberechtigte Geschäftsführer:
Martin Kriegler
Ariane Hess

Registergericht: Amtsgericht München
Registernummer: HRB 153898

Umsatzsteuer-ID gemäß § 27a UST Gesetz: DE238022531
Inhaltlich verantwortlich gemäß § 55 Abs. 2 MDStV: Ariane Hess (Anschrift wie oben)

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